Within the ranks of dBs Music are the next generation of creative audio professionals and innovators - Our students are diverse, multi-skilled audio and music experts.

The aim of dBs Productions is to team pre-graduate students with real-world audio and music projects.  We make our world-class facilities, experienced staff and most prestigious students available for hire on a non-profit basis.  Our students gain first-hand insight into industry, whilst our clients receive the highest quality results for their projects.  

We aim to involve dBs Music, its production company, staff and students in forward thinking, ambitious works that push the boundaries of our profession.  We balance this progressive work ethic with established traditional approaches that are tried and tested.

We work with artists, media companies, corporations (nice ones), educational establishments, local businesses and everything in between.  

Who are dBs Music?

dBs Music started life in 1998 with the aim of readdressing the way music production and technology training was taught at the time. We provide hands-on, industry-focused and fully immersive music technology and performance courses that cover all aspects of the music industry, with a ton of opportunities for work experience, real world learning - working in superb facilities on the very best gear in our world-class studios.

All dBs Music centres are based on the principles of providing:

  • the most knowledgeable and experienced tutors
  • superb facilities with plenty of bookable time (very important!!) 
  • in-course work opportunities

We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of support to all of our students. We won't sell dreams of super stardom: to do so is immoral. But if you are passionate and hard-working you can achieve your dreams of working in this great industry. We provide education for the seriously creative!