dBs Productions Launch!

dBs Production - Ambient Literature Project


Introducing dBs Productions

Launching a brand new in-house audio and production company alongside the dBs Music colleges, dBs Productions is set to give students even more hands-on, real-world experience by taking on various commercial recording and media projects.

The idea is that dBs Music students are involved in every step of the process of a project, they gain vital contact to industry and gain experiences that goes beyond training or academia. It's always been the ethos of dBs Music to create unique and innovative works, pushing the boundaries of our field of specialisms whilst making sure that our students have access to tons of development opportunities.

Ambient Literature

Straight after dBs Productions launched, the dBs Music students are already getting stuck into their first major commercial project; a two-year collaboration between the University of West England, Bath Spa University, the University of Birmingham and development partners Calvium, Ltd.

The project was established to investigate the locational and technological future of the traditional book. Funded through a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the project is focused on the study of emergent forms of literature that make use of novel technologies and social practices in order to create robust and evocative experiences for readers. 

"At dBs Music Productions, we have been commissioned to produce the audio content for one of three Ambient Literature app based stories", explained Jay Auborn, Creative Project Manager of dBs Productions, "We will be working closely with author James Attlee and project manager Emma Whittaker. The audio element to the commission will involve sound design, binaural soundscapes, original music and working with voice actors to create sound stages. Recently we began the project by taking a variety of recordings on the London South Bank."

Alice Lowndes